Our schedule of charges

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No.ServicesOfficial fees ($)Professional fees ($)Total fees ($)
1Searching for one trademark in one class and the legal opinion.104050
2Filing a trademark application (per class).105060
3Publication fees for one trademark per class.156075
4Registration fees for one trademark per class and issuance of the Certificate.1585100
5Renewal of one Trademark inclusive of issuance of the Certificate (before the due date). 105060
6Renewal of one Trademark with grace period 6 month from due date.206080
7Re-instatement of a canceled trademark for non-renewal within 3 years from due date.5050100
8Recordal of change of Name / Address (after registration the trademark).104050
9Recordal of Assignment within 3 months.1585100
10Recordal of Assignment within 6 months.20100120
11Recordal of Assignment after 6 months.25125150
12Recordal of License Agreement within 3 months.1585100
13Recordal of License Agreement within 6 months.20100120
14Recordal of License Agreement after 6 months.25125150
15Recordal of Merger of a registered trademark within 3 months from the merger date including publication charges in the official gazette.1585100
16Recordal of Merger within 6 months.20100120
17Recordal of Merger after 6 months.25125150
18Filing a petition for the trademark (before registration).1585100
19Filing an opposition action (before registration).2080100
20Filing a counter-opposition action (before registration).5050
21Change of agent (before Registration).102030
22Change of agent (after Registration).151530
23Recordal of change of owner Name (before registration).104050
24Recordal of change of owner Address (before registration).104050
25Recordal of change of the owner Name & Address "registered mark".156075
26Obtaining a copy from the certificate of the trademark registration.154560
28Cancellation of a registered Trademark.154560
29Cancellation of a license agreement for each associated mark.154560
30Translation from English into Arabic (per page).1010
31Legal translation from English into Arabic regarding (assignment, license, merger).151530