Verification of Data

A verification of data can be made at the Trademark Office in order to update the current status of a given mark.

Search on Trademark

A search on a trademark can be conducted locally and internationally at the Trademark Office under a certain class or classes according to the International classification of goods or services (45 classes).
We advise our clients to conduct a search, before filing a trademark application, in order to avoid any confliction with a prior registration during the examination of the trademark at the Trademark Office.
A search report can be prepared and sent within 3 – 4 days from receiving instructions.

Registration of a Trademark Application

Registration procedures of a trademark are made in 3 steps:
Filing of a trademark:
A trademark application is filed with the following documents:
1-A POA and Certificate of Incorporation ( legalized up to the Egyptian Consulate )
2- 5 prints of the trademark for each class
3-A list of goods and services to be covered by the application, class heading can be claimed for all classes in Egypt.
4-A certified copy of the priority document must be submitted within six months, in case it is claimed.

According to the regulations, documents must be available within 6 months from the filing date. Please be advised that if the documents were not available by the due date, the above-captioned trademark application will lapse.
You are kindly requested to provide us with the above documents at least one-month ahead of time, in order to enable us to prepare the necessary translations prior to filing them at the Egyptian Trademark Office.

Publication in Official Gazette:

Once the application has been accepted, publication fees can be paid.
All accepted applications will be published in O.G.

Registration of a trademark:

After the expiry date of opposition period ( 60 days from publication) , registration fees can paid.
In case of rejection of a trademark application, a petition can be filed within 30 days from the notification of the rejection.

Renewal of Registration of a Trademark

Renewal of registration of a trademark can be renewed each 10 years from the filing date. Such renewal can be made within one year before the expiry date without any extra fees.  
Renewal On or before due date without extra fees
Renewal Within 6 months with extra fees.
Re-instatement of registration is allowed and within 3 years from the filing date with extra fees.

Recordal of change of name/address of the Applicant Company

In order to record a change of name or address, the following is needed:
1- A POA
2- A certificate or a proof showing the change of name or address.


An opposition can be filed within 60 days from the issuance date of the official gazette.

Respond to opposition

A reply to an opposition can be filed within 30 days from the notification of an opposition.
A Petition on a Decision of the Trademark Office
A petition can be filed within 30 days from the date of issuance of the official notification sent by the Trademark Office.

A Petition is filed in case of :

1- Rejection of the application
2- Conditions that are not satisfactory to the client
3- Any disclaimers
If the petition is accepted by the Appeal Committee, publication fees can be paid within 3 months from the Appeal Committee’s decision.
To the contrary, if the Appeal Committee supports the rejection, a court case can be filed within 60 days from the Appeal Committee Session.

Recordals on a registered trademark

Assignment Applications :
A power of Attorney signed by the assignee and legalized up to the Egyptian Consulate
2-An extract of the entry assignee in the commercial register or certified copy of the certificate of incorporation legalized up to the Egyption Consulate
3-legalized deed of assignment duly singed by the both parties and legalized up to Egyptian Consulate .
4-Name, address, nationality, legal and profession of nature of business of the assignee.

License agreement’s requirements:

1-A legalized license agreement by the Egyptian Consulate
2-A Power of Attorney by the licensee and the licensor legalized up to the Egyptian Consulate
3-An extract of the entry of the licensee company in the commercial register, or a certified copy of the certificate of incorporation legalized up to the Egyptian Consulate.
4-The name, address, nationality and profession or nature of business of the licensee

Merger requirements:

1-A Merger Certificate and a POA from the company
All documents required, should be Notarized and Legalized.
Certified Copies from the Trademark Office.

Certified copies can be obtained from the Trademark Office for the following:

1-Certificate of Registration.
2-Certificate of Renewal
3-Certificate of any changes
4-Certificate of filing a trademark application

No POA is needed in the above cases.